Twilio's A2P10DLC Registration and Upcoming Fees

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Twilio's A2P10DLC Registration and Upcoming Fees

Feb, 25 2022

We’re back on the topic of Twilio and the A2P-10DLC! Woohoo!!

Starting March 1st, 2022 Twilio will begin to pass on carrier fees for registered and unregistered organizations and SMS traffic. We hope this document provides you with the instructions you need to create a business profile for your organization, register your brand, and provide a use case for your communications.

As the Carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon) have solidified their processes around how to categorize and prioritize business SMS across their networks; Twilio has clarified the registration process. Rather than rehash the steps to register you can read those on our blog where we previously discussed the steps to register your organization, brand, and use case with the Carriers through Twilio’s Trust Hub. Twilio also has an Onboarding Guide that walks through the entire registration and is the defacto source.

A few things to note

Business Information

· Business Name
· Physical Address (Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country)
· Business Identity (Direct Customer)
· Business Type (Non-Profit)
· Company Status (Private)
· EIN or Tax Id
· Industry (Not for Profit)
· Website
· Regions of Operations

Point(s) of Contact
One authorized representative with the following info:
· Name
· Email
· Business Title
· Phone Number
· Job Position (Director/CEO/CFO)
Providing a second authorized representative is optional.

The information provided to Twilio’s Trust Hub must match your 501c3 determination letter (if you’re a not-for-profit).

  • After verification of the brand as a not-for-profit, you should be able to proceed past the campaign use case selection. This should be grayed out to ensure that as a not-for-profit you receive the charity discounts provided by the carriers for 501c3 NFPs
  • To finalize the campaign registration the following information will need to be provided:
      *The A2P campaign use case.
      *A description of the campaign use case.
      *Two sample messages for the campaign use case.
      *Select whether your messages will include embedded links and/or phone numbers.
      *Agree to the terms and conditions, as well as the monthly carrier fees associated with your campaign use case.
  • The final step in this process is to create a Messaging Service. This will include the newly registered A2P10DLC information. Rock’s webhooks will need to be manually added to the messaging service.
      *You must have a unique Campaign linked to each Messaging Service used (eg. SMS Conversations, SMS Pipeline, etc)
      *You can have multiple Twilio numbers per messaging service.

Finally, there are increased costs now. These are fees that are associated with Twilio's A2P10DLC service. To sum those up:

  • Brand Registration:       $44 (one time)
  • T-Mobile activation:      $50 (one-time)
  • Non-Profit Campaign:   $3 (per campaign/monthly)
  • Twilio phone number:    $1 (per registered number/monthly)
  • Each carrier will have a small per outbound/inbound message segment fee
  • Twilio's standard SMS per segment charge (inbound/outbound)

If you have any questions regarding these changes, or the registration process with Twilio, or need assistance registering, schedule a call with us!