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Mobile Application

Custom church apps are here! Rock mobile is the newest major feature from Rock RMS. Your Rock mobile app can be updated directly from Rock, which means that disseminating important information no longer requires double updating.


Use the same login as Rock RMS website. Better data integrity and easy ways for your users to update their info.


Push notifications directly from Rock give your members the most up-to-date information easily.

Custom Themes

Make it look awesome. Our design team can help make your app look like a part of your brand.


Updates in Rock can directly push to your app. No need for manual updates!


Check-in directly from the app and scan a barcode at the door. It's that easy!

Media & Events

Media player, calendar, content channels - bring all of your media and content directly from your Rock site to your mobile app.


Rock RMS mobile apps bring all of the power of a Rock website to mobile devices. Send notifications to staff and members of your congregation, share media, create event registrations, mobile check-in, and more!

BEMA Software Services offers our support clients training, monthly administrative time, and access to our support experts. Learn more at our Support page.

We've been a trusted community partner since the very beginning of Rock. Come find out why our "High Accountability" approach to software, websites, and apps delivers consistent results. Schedule a free consultation to find out more about what we offer.  

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