Salesforce Website Development

BEMA has a team of experts ready to help customize your Salesforce experience.

  • Key Services

    Let us help you build Salesforce to your specific needs. Salesforce is made to be extended and we can do that for you!
  • API

    Connect Salesforce to other applications. We can build custom solutions to sync data between multiple systems.
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards

    Allow us to create custom pages or analytics components that allow you to easily see your information. Connect with other CMS's to get a clear picture of everything going on in your buisness.
  • Migrations

    Our team can help make your Salesforce implementation as painless and seamless as possible. In addition, we also offer data migration services, combine and move your data to a cloud environment.
  • Technical and Security Analysis

    Audit potential risks in platform limitations and security model.
  • Extras

    Becoming an ongoing development client comes with lots of perks. Check out a few below.
  • Strategy Sessions with a Senior Consultant

    We schedule quarterly strategy sessions with your team to see where BEMA can help your team better utilize Salesforce and reach your goals.
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

    Get answers faster with access to a dedicated Slack Channel for communication and support.
  • Project Management Dashboard

    See all your development tasks in one place. Define, prioritize and review development projects.

Communication is Key

  • Daily Status Calls

    Work starts here. Every scheduled development day, will start with a quick video call to review last week's work, answer questions, and communicate our plan for the upcoming day.
  • Email Summaries

    Know what is planned and review what we've done. Every day will start and end with tasklist of work planned, then work accomplished. Notes and links included - all linking back to your project management board. Keep everyone on your team informed and an eye on progress.
  • Quarterly Reviews

    Keep your vision front and center. Details are crucial, but so is the big picture. We schedule time every quarter to review our progress, plan future goals, and set deliverables.

Ready to extend Salesforce to meet your growing needs?

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