What Rock RMS Can Do For You

Rock RMS is an open-source church and nonprofit management system. Designed with the church in mind, Rock provides a solid foundation on which to build your platform. Rock offers innovative church management solutions, including functionality for relationship management, data and automation, content management, finance, and more. Rock is mobile-friendly and customizable to your church's needs.

As a Rock RMS partner, BEMA can help you extend and manage your Rock instance and build features, including a Rock website. Schedule a free consultation below to learn more.

Community Driven and Funded

Rock is built and maintained by a community that is focused on helping ministries succeed in their goals. Rock is owned by a non-profit ministry.

Open Source

Rock is open source, which allows for innovation and improvement from the community.

Built for Churches

Rock was designed specifically with the church in mind, with the goal of helping churches streamline their processes and focus on what really matters.

Used by the Largest Churches in America

Rock is used by some of the largest churches in America to manage their operations.


Rock can be customized to meet your church's needs, as well as to match your church's brand. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Rock Shop

The Rock shop is a repository of plugins designed by third parties that offer an entire ecosystem built for churches.

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