Rock RMS

BEMA has been a Rock RMS partner since the very beginning. We have worked with over 100 churches, helping them to get the most out of their Rock experience. Learn more about Rock RMS.



We know that changing software systems is a daunting task - the church can't stop and wait while the change is in progress. At BEMA Software Services, we have developed a proven process to guide you and your church through this change, and experts to assist along the way.

Supported Migrations

Church Community Builder CCB Planning Center Ministry Platform Custom Solutions


Rock RMS is a great tool for churches - it's powerful, configurable, and customizable to meet the needs of your church. Sometimes, all of these options can be confusing and frustrating, not to mention time-consuming. Which way is best to do things? How is my Rock system different than others?

The BEMA Software Services support team is here to provide expertise and assistance to answer all of your Rock questions, and to supplement your church’s team to ensure you are getting the most out of Rock.


At BEMA Software Services, we know the importance of understanding the products you use, including your church management system. We provide the training that will allow your staff to utilize Rock to its fullest extent.


Your processes, your congregation, your ministry - partner with us to develop the most out of Rock. Our team of experts can customize Rock to suit the needs of your church, supporting everything from your ministries to the management of your data.

Development Features

Dedicated Developer and Development Day Website Development Custom Workflows C# Development and Custom Blocks


Is your website in need of an upgrade? The BEMA Software Services website team can take you through the entire process, from design, to development, to implementation. We can build your site to suit the needs of your congregation, your staff, and your website visitors with responsive designs that can be customized to your specifications.

Mobile Apps

It’s here! Rock mobile is the newest major feature from Rock RMS. Your church's Rock mobile app can be updated directly from Rock, which means disseminating important information is easier than ever before. The app themes are fully customizable, and they allow for a new way to stay connected to your congregation.

Rock RMS Mobile App Features

  • Security:Use the same login as Rock RMS website. Better data integrity and easy ways for your users to update their info.
  • Notifications:Push notifications directly from Rock. give your members the most up-to-date information easily.
  • Custom Themes:Make it look awesome. Our design team can help make your app look like a part of your brand.
  • Rock Integration:Updates in Rock can directly push to your app. No need for manual updates!
  • Checkin:Checkin directly from the app and scan a barcode at the door. It's that easy!
  • Media & Events:Media player, calendar, content channels - bring all of your media and content directly from your Rock site to your mobile app.