What is Rock RMS?

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What is Rock RMS?

Feb, 23 2021

Rock RMS Features


Rock contains a very robust event module that is customizable to the specifications of the church. Features include discount codes applied based on user information, event templates, unlimited reporting features and actions, and many more. Rock’s event module is extensible based on the needs of your church.


Rock contains a powerful groups module in its core features. Managing groups, registration, and attendance are made simple with Rock’s features. Empower your small group leaders with communication, attendance, roster changes, and other related functionality.


Rock also contains a standard communications module, which allows for communication with church members, staff members, volunteers, group members, and more. Rock supports email and text communication through Mailgun, Sendgrid, and the Twilio API, used for SMS communication. Rock can send notifications for almost any action, including timed reminders (e.g., send a notification after 24, 48, 72 hours, etc.). Email templates are fully customizable and can include embedded video, images, and rich text automatically. Communication history is retained for each communication and stored on the recipient’s profile. Additionally, customizable workflows allow for communication for many purposes.

Staff To-do Lists and Member Follow-up

Rock ships with both follow-up and staff assignment modules, so helping your staff stay on track has never been easier. You can connect staff members to the necessary follow-ups, such as group, ministry, or campus-specific items. Follow-ups can be automatically created based on data changes in Rock. These tasks can be assigned by role and segmented by type and can track a follow-up process to ensure the process misses no one.

Giving and Contribution

The included giving and contribution module in Rock contains the following features:

  • Integration with major gateways and platforms for giving
  • Integration with giving analytics tools (e.g., MortarStone)
  • Full reporting module which can gather any required data
  • Ability to configure dashboards from data
  • Security features
  • Giving statement generator, which is customizable and downloadable from a member’s profile
  • On-site collection
  • Check scanning
  • Giving envelopes


Rock’s check-in module includes all of the features needed by churches to keep track of events and services. The module allows for multiple check-in types and options, customizable themes, contactless and mobile check-in, mobile printing, customizable check-in labels, and automatic room assignments based upon requirements.

Shepherd and Pastoral Care

Rock contains features for tracking internal processes and follow-ups, connecting with members, financial information (including follow-ups based on giving criteria), and many other tools that help churches better pastor their congregation.


Volunteer features include check-in, groups with configurable security roles, serving opportunity finders, and volunteer vetting through background checks.

What is Rock RMS? In conclusion, it’s a set of powerful tools that can be used to empower your church and better care for your staff. If you have further questions about Rock RMS, please visit our website, where you can set up a free consultation with one of our experts.