Website Development for Churches

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Website Development for Churches

Feb, 15 2021

At BEMA Software Services, we specialize in developing and supporting the Rock RMS church management system, intending to help our clients optimize the system to their needs. However, we can build other features on top of Rock, websites being one of the most useful. Here are a few of the need-to-know details about BEMA’s website development for churches.

Mobile-First Design

The BEMA Software Services website team operates under the principles of “mobile-first” design. Many church website users access the website from smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. We focus on creating websites that function on mobile devices and desktops from the beginning of the process. Mobile users have access to all of the features of the desktop versions.

Online Registration for Events, Groups, and Services

When performing website development for churches, one feature that we prioritize is registering for events, groups, and services. With limitations set for attendance currently, it has never been more critical to implement registration tools that are easy to manage. With a Rock RMS website, registration is straightforward for users, and the integration with Rock leads to smoother, better-organized events, both for members and staff.


Along with registration, event calendars are essential features for churches. Staff members need to disseminate information about events, and members need to have ready access to these calendars. With a Rock RMS website, we can create customized calendars to keep the congregation and staff up-to-date with everything happening at your church.

Account Features

With Rock account features, your members can keep track and update their information in one place. Not only does this allow for their ease-of-use, but it also allows for more robust record-keeping for the church, as well as more dynamic data to streamline processes further.

Media Viewers

It is important to create a distinct online presence today, especially now that sharing information online is more critical than in the past. BEMA can build customized media viewers for your live stream, videos, podcasts, and other media.


One of the most important contributions of a Rock RMS website is the ability to be integrated with all major giving platforms. Built-in access to Rock allows members to easily access their information, contribute, and keep track of their giving online.

BEMA’s website team is dedicated to website development for churches, with their specific needs in mind. Click to learn more about Rock RMS websites for churches, or contact us at with any questions.