Moving to Rock RMS

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Moving to Rock RMS

Mar, 4 2021

Moving from another church management system to another can feel like a daunting task. At BEMA, we know that the church cannot merely halt its operations and wait for the changes. That is why we have developed a proven process to guide your church through the necessary changes. Our Rock experts are here to assist along the way.

Onboarding and Discovery

We believe that the best software system is one that empowers your ministry. Our discovery process allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your goals. We will strategize with your church’s staff to find the best solution to accomplish your goals - all before writing even a single line of code.

Data Migration

We will work alongside your church to make the initial move to Rock RMS, clean-up and aggregation of data, and the final migration. Additionally, we will set up Microsoft Azure servers, install Rock RMS, and provide the essential services needed for these systems.


At BEMA Software Services, we believe that development encompasses more than just writing code. Our technical experts will strategize with your church to arrive at the best solution for you, whatever that may be. Whether the answer is core Rock configuration, a workflow, lava templates, or employing a custom plug-in, our developers will work with you to implement the most practical and effective solution.


It is impossible to overstate the importance of testing, which is why our team performs extensive technical checks on data and features. These checks include a comprehensive report before your church goes live with Rock RMS. Our staff will also provide training for your team to develop their knowledge of Rock RMS and develop the ability to perform checks on the system.


To create the best experience with Rock RMS, everyone on your church’s team must understand how to interact with it. Everyone from the database administrator to volunteers needs to know how various facets of Rock work. We have tailored our Rock RMS training to cover the “nuts and bolts” of your Rock instance so that each member of your team is empowered to work with Rock.


No matter how prepared you are, a change of this magnitude will always be somewhat stressful. To mitigate that stress, we have developed checklists, timelines, reviews, and more tools to ensure that your church is ready to go live with Rock RMS. Go-live is the beginning of your Rock adventure!

For more information about moving from your current system to Rock RMS, visit our website or contact us.