Keys to a Successful Rock Launch

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Keys to a Successful Rock Launch

Implementing Rock is a significant task, and there are many aspects to success – planning, communicating, defining processes, data migration, custom development. But what are the essential items to address around the launch? What are the critical elements to get right as you go live? The time surrounding the actual launch date can make or break things for a long time to come.

  1. Finance and Check-In – Most churches feel like they have a successful launch if they get the finance and check-in parts of Rock correct. If giving continues to operate smoothly and Sunday check-in operates smoothly during the first week, most other bumps in the road can be handled gracefully over time. So, pay attention to make sure contributions are imported correctly, financial systems are fully operational, and the check-in system – both hardware and software - is well tested prior to launch. These two areas have the most impact on a successful launch.
  2. Data Cleanup – There are generally several data cleanup issues to address immediately after Go Live. Having a list of tasks and a team ready to address them gets the rest of the team off to a good start. Since Rock has robust tools to help in this area like bulk updates, duplicate finder, and data views to find issues, BEMA typically recommends that cleanup be addressed in Rock rather than in your legacy system.
  3. Web – Even if not transitioning your web site to Rock, there is usually a list of links and pages that need to be updated on your website once Rock is live. These include the member portal pages, giving pages, event registrations, and pages like group finder and serving opportunities. Make sure that you have a list of changes needed prior to Go Live so the web transition can be done quickly and accurately.
  4. Training – Make sure you have a plan in place for training that occurs in parallel with Go Live. Any new system can be overwhelming, but a little training can go a long way. Allowing people to see, work with, and experience Rock before they are under their ministry's daily pressure is essential. And timing is important, too! Giving them the information when they need it – not too early and not too late – will help Rock launch well.
  5. Leadership – Change is difficult for everyone. There are always unexpected things that happen. Remembering to be the non-anxious presence during the transition will help your whole team remain calm. Many churches have gone live on Rock before. Staying calm and dealing with issues one at a time helps everyone get to the new reality more quickly and easily.
  6. Celebration – Even though Go-Live is just the beginning, don't overlook this milestone. Plan a celebration for the work already completed, and set a positive expectation of the benefits Rock will bring to your ministries.

Having watched many churches transition to Rock, every experience is different, but the keys to success remain the same – proper planning, leadership, and communication. The transition will be significant, but it doesn't have to be traumatic. In a year like 2020, where things keep changing minute-to-minute, having something go according to plan is a very welcome change.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Jan, 15 2019