Is Someone Leaving Your Staff?

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Is Someone Leaving Your Staff?

What does that mean for Rock? Some of the tasks are obvious. You need to remove their security rights and update your staff list and their profile. But where are all the other little places you need to look in Rock? Was the person assigned Connection Requests? Were they the contact on active event registrations?

I wish we could say we have found all the places things can hide, but we haven’t. Rock is customizable, so the complete answer depends on how you are using Rock, but here are some hints and tips to try to avoid the land mines we've seen so far. Hopefully, they can serve as a sort of checklist when people leave staff. At the end of this article, you will find a link to a report we've used at BEMA to help with this task.

Connection Requests

There are three critical areas to check on Connection Requests when someone leaves your staff.

  • Are there any connection requests that need reassigning? The easiest way to see this is to have a Rock Administrator "impersonate" the staff person and go to the My Dashboard page. Doing so will show you both Connection Requests and any Workflows assigned to the person.
  • Is the person in a Connector Group? If so, remove them from any connector groups to prevent other staff from accidentally assigning Connection Requests to them.
  • Was the person a Default Connector on Connection Opportunities? If so, they will continue to be assigned after the person leaves. A new Default Connector needs to be assigned to ensure requests don’t fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, this is not easy to see without going through all of the Connection Opportunities. The report below may help.

Events and Registrations

Calendar events and registrations have contact information and email notifications associated with them. Is the staff member leaving shown as the contact or set to be notified on any of the active calendar events or registrations? If so, your website will display their email address, or the notifications may not be going to anyone.


In Rock, you can assign workflows such as Background Checks and General Requests or other custom workflows to individual people or groups. If a workflow shows up on the person's dashboard while an administrator impersonates them, it may be assigned to them individually or through a group. Check first that you have removed them from any security groups (such as background checks) to ensure the ones on the dashboard are assigned individually. Then those workflows may need to be reassigned to a new person.

Communication Templates

System Communications or Communication Templates may have that staff person as the "From" address. Make sure any templates from them are updated appropriately.

SMS From Values

When using texting from within Rock, the staff person may be assigned an SMS (Twilio) number to use within Rock. These need to be updated, or the person may continue to receive responses from church communications.

System Job Notifications

If the staff person leaving was part of the Rock/IT staff, they may be assigned to receive Job Notifications for Rock jobs that ran and/or errored out. Checking System Settings -> Jobs Administration to reassign any jobs set to notify the staff person.

Person-Specific Security Rules

Setting person-specific security rules is not a good practice when working with Rock, primarily because finding them after a person's role changes or when they should have their access removed is difficult.  However, churches will occasionally use them.  The report will show a count of person-specific security rules in place.

Security Groups

While this is the most obvious task to complete when leaving staff, there are some additional implications. You should not remove their account because they can still use the member portal to access their information like anyone else in the congregation. So, remove them from security groups but leave their account. Update any references to their staff email on their Person Profile to a different address. If they used their email address as their username in Rock, you might wish to leave that and allow them to change it at their convenience.

A Helpful Report

Here is a link to a chunk of SQL code we created at BEMA. This SQL can be used in a Dynamic Data Block to identify many of the areas addressed above. We recommend using it with a Filter by Page Parameter block to select a person to view their specific data. Note that some of these use an email address, so it is best to run the report before updating their email. 

Staff Change Report

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Jun, 29 2019